The 13 most curious wedding customs in the world

The 13 most curious wedding customs in the world

Weddings are one of the events some couples long for. It’s amazing how every culture, every country, every religion has different types of organization and also wedding customs. Today we are going to talk to you about the different customs caused by this event that many couples dream of and that you will discover in your travels around the world.

Imagine that the brides have to put a little sugar in their gloves, to exalt their union or that after the ceremony, the couple has to cut half of a large trunk using a saw as a symbol of union. Well, it is these practices and many more that we will tell you about in this article. From the most curious wedding customs from around the world.

Carry salt and bread in your pockets.

In Germany, tradition has it that the bride carries salt and bread in her pocket to ensure abundance, and the groom with cereals, to ensure good luck and health.

Cut a log of wood as a symbol of teamwork

Still in Germany, where your fiancé will have to show a lot of strength in his arms. is the tradition called “Baumstamm Sägen”, which consists of cutting a large tree trunk in half with a saw? It represents teamwork and the ability that the bride and groom will have to overcome difficulties during the marriage.

Check the purity of the bride

In gypsy culture, there is a ceremony to find out if the bride has kept her virginity. This is the “handkerchief test” to check the purity of the bride on the day of the wedding. It’s sometimes also called ayuntamiento.

Greece, customs of prosperity and good luck

Here are two traditions: one to wish the couple good luck, which comes to fruition by breaking the dishes, and the other by covering them with tickets to perform the “money dance” to bring prosperity to the marriage.

Swedish wedding ceremony

In Sweden, the bride usually puts a silver and gold coin in each shoe. Her father offers her the silver coin and her mother the gold coin, making sure that she never part with it.

The tradition of ancient Rome

This tradition of the wedding cake dates back to ancient Rome when during the wedding ceremony a piece of bread was broken off the bride’s head to ensure good fertility.

The special signs of luck

In Egypt, a special wedding rite is to pinch the bride on her wedding day by the women invited to the party. It is a sign of luck.

Sweet rituals

Greek weddings are full of symbols and traditions, to which is added a reputation for great entertainment and good humor. Brides have the custom to put a little sugar in their gloves, to exalt their union, or to hide a small package there because it ensures a sweet marriage.

A special walk in the village

In Scotland, tradition has it that the pair are covered with feathers, fish, flour, and even soil, and taken through the village. There are two reasons for this. One is to make the spouses understand what the other is going through and to support each other, and the other is to protect themselves from evil spirits.

Rituals of mental and physical strength

In South Korea, one of the customs of marriage is akin to punishment. If your fiancé has never wanted to learn to dance, now is a perfect time, because after the ceremony he will have to take off his shoes to have his feet whipped. He will have to answer several questions at the same time. All this in order to make people laugh, and not just to hurt the groom. This is why it is a test of mental and physical strength.

Spiritual destiny by breaking a glass

To remember the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. In Jewish weddings, it is customary for the husband to break a crystal glass with his foot, which gives spiritual significance to the couple’s fate. In the end, the bride and groom carried on chairs as they try to get closer to each other to kiss. You can enjoy these rituals more while traveling through the Holy Land.

Breaking glasses

In Italy, during the holiday it is customary to break a glass that will determine the happy years of the newlyweds. The resulting number of pieces will correspond to the years of happiness.

In France, courage for your wedding night is not served in a glass

The newlyweds were forced to drink the remains of the drink served at their wedding from a basin, although now it is replaced by chocolate or champagne, always served in a basin. The intention is to give courage to the bride and groom on their wedding night.